Second-Sunday Singalong

A monthly gathering of people who enjoy singing gospel hymns
with bluegrass musicians

On the second Sunday of every month, lovers of southern gospel songs assemble with amateur bluegrass pickers at 9:30 AM in the Bellevue Christian Church to spend an hour singing some of the best music there is. Organization is loose, but typically the pickers are presentable, the singers are spirited and the experience is satisfying. Among the pickers there may be a couple of guitars, a fiddle, a banjo, a mandolin, a dobro, an harmonica and a stand-up bass. No time is wasted, so about 18 songs are squeezed into the hour. Click here to sample a singalong

Over the years, a songbook, Gospel Supplement, has been developed for this event. It contains about 25 bluegrass-friendly hymns from mainline hymnals, about 25 gospel compositions of bluegrass pioneers, about 50 bluegrass-adopted songs from the gospel-quartet tradition and a few spirituals. Check out the Table of Contents and pick out a song or two that you'd like to sing at the next gathering.

This music is natural, organic, tuneful, understandable, inspirational and quickly appreciated, also recreational and heartwarming. It is the training ground of most successful country-music artists. A Second-Sunday Singalong is depicted on the cover of our song book.

Background: About six years ago three amateur bluegrass musicians performed some gospel hymns in the Bellevue Christian Church near the western end of Davidson County. They loved the acoustics in that small sanctuary and discussed with church officers the possibility of having a regular singalong for people in the community regardless of affiliation. The idea was embraced; and from that day, a morning bluegrass-gospel singalong has occurred there on the second Sunday of every month. It is a gift from the congregation to the community.

Invitation: If you are in middle Tennessee on the second Sunday of any month, consider coming (with or without ax) to our Second-Sunday Singalong 9:30 AM at the Bellevue Christian Church, 7201 Old Harding Pk, Corner of Old Harding Pk and Colice Jeanne Rd. Old Harding Pk runs diagonally left from Hwy 70 at its intersection with Old Hickory Blvd (in front of US Border Cantina and Dollar General). The church is two blocks down Old Harding Pk from US Border Cantina. See also the church's related web page.

More about the song book can be found at Gospel Supplement

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